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wine making needs time and hard work. Working with nature is a constant challenge. Making wine is a true combination of art and science; it starts with growing grapes: to make good wine you must first start with good grapes, then apply science and a process that is sympathetic to the grapes you have grown. Finally, blend using experience, palette and cellar until it naturally evolves.




Making wines with respect for nature means minimising intervention, minimising chemical treatments and understanding the natural environment in which the vines grow.

A vineyard is a living environment and the grapes you grow reflect that environment. Wild flowers and micro plants help to enrich the soil and promote diversity. 

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I believe that the label should reflect the style of wine inside the bottle and the wine should reflect where the wine is made, how it is made and some of the character of the winemaker themself.


I’m a winemaker. I’m passionate about wine, art and surfing and combine my time between Cornwall and Bordeaux: two places I love. Matching food and wine is a highlight for me. I am lucky to work with some great chefs and restaurants: bringing people around a table to enjoy wine, food and conversation is one of life's simple pleasures that brings me great joy.  M 

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